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Ready, Set, Wed! How to boss your DIY Big-Day.

The ring has been well and truly put-on-it, you've drunk your fill of champagne (for now) and as the dust begins to settle the questions start flooding in: "So, when's the date?" "Picked your venue?" "Who's coming?" "What's the cake like?" "Where are you going to honeymoon?!"

Bit full on, isn't it? No doubt you are SO. EXCITED. but that also means you are walking the fine line between really enjoying the next year or so of planning, and falling down a fondant-filled rabbit hole. So, to set you in the right direction, I've popped together 5 easy peasy starting steps to make sure you come out the other side feeling relaxed and ready to party...


Take a step back, your big day will be awesome (trust me, they always are), all you need to do is sit down and set yourself up with a diary/ notebook/ spreadsheet if that's your thing(!), a large glass of something relaxing and your future husband or wife to be.

2. Count the pennies

For some reason, budgets are often a bit of a vague starting point for many; of course you aren't going to know, down to the exact £, what you're going to spend but it is so, so important to start as you mean to go on. Your budget is going to shape your venue, music, flowers, food, guest numbers and more, so be realistic and also be FAIR to yourselves - ie, don't end up having to remortgage for the sake of a symphony orchestra playing you down the aisle. Once you've picked a number, aim to stick to it, and have a go at divvying-up what you'd like to see the money spent on.

3. Find your style

You would think that the first thing to do with choosing a wedding style would be to head online and start sifting through the millions of wedding images to find ones you like, right? wrong. In fact, to start with, steer clear of the fabulous-but-also-slightly-initimidating mountain of inspo available out there and instead take a look at the most important source of inspiration: YOU. What are your personalities like? Are you loud and colourful or chilled and minimal? Do you love the buzz of the city or the calm of the country? What fills with you joy? A quick glance around your natural environment will tell you all you need to know about the kind of styled wedding to go for, because after all that's what will make it yours!

4. Pick the place

Once you've got a better idea of the kind of vibe you are aiming for, get on to finding the perfect spot. Pretty much everything else centres around the where and the when, so once you've got a venue sewn up you'll find it ten times easier to bring together all of the other moving parts! Importantly, take the time to look at a few different places, even if you think your heart is set on one, as it's good to compare how much bang you will get for your buck. A couple of good questions to take with you are:

- Is it exclusive use (are there any other weddings going on that day)?

- What exactly is included (do you need to get furniture/ catering equipment/ a bar)?

- Can you bring in your own suppliers? (some places like you to use their catering teams and staff, this isn't a deal-breaker but can make things more pricey!)

- Who will be there on the day (is someone going to be on hand to keep things ticking over)?

5. Choose your gang

Your bride/groom team are going to be there with you every step of the way, and when it comes to DIY weddings you need the best of the best! This doesn't actually mean DIY wedding pro's (that's me!), just good listeners, super team-players and excellent tea makers. Choose people that lift you up, who you know will help you out with late-night decoration making and who will make sure you have the most epic wedding day going. Keep them close, and don't be afraid to ask for help: everyone loves a wedding!

Don't forget, Jump the Broom specialises in DIY weddings, both in the run-up and on-the-day, so if you're still feeling a little stretched or know you'll need a helping hand for sure, drop me a message!

Love, Kate x


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