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Frequently Asked Questio

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We've got a venue manager, do we need a coordinator?

Short answer? Probably! Venues will often provide a manager or a coordinator but they'll just be in charge of the main components of your booking (catering, access, putting tables and chairs out etc). If you drill down into the finer details you'll likely find you still want an extra pair of hands for decor and setup, guest support, timeline management and everything in between.

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Do you cover the whole of the uk?

Yes, we'll go pretty much anywhere for a party! Bear in mind that travel and accommodation costs may apply, which can be outlined in more detail during your initial consultation.

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What is a 'handover pack'?

Essentially it's everything we need from you in order to make sure your day runs perfectly - things such as supplier and wedding party details, seating plans and timelines. There's guidance included too so you have something to kick-start you and lots of our couples find their pack super useful in getting their plans organised well in advance... 

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Will we know who's coordinating our day in advance?

Yes, a number of factors inform our decision on which coordinator attends each event, namely the scale and scope of the logistics involved, the time of year (summer is our busiest time!) and who is best suited. Lead planner, Kate, will always be on hand to answer questions but each member of our team will know your wedding inside-out, plus you'll meet them ahead of time on your initial site visit with both them and Kate to make sure you're totally happy.

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We're interested, what now?

Amazing! You can drop us a line via the enquiry form here, once you've sent some details through Kate will be in touch to organise an initial consultation to talk through your wedding in more detail. If we're the right fit for you, a 50% deposit (25% for partial planning) will be needed to book before we get onto the fun stuff.


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