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3 essential tips for your marquee wedding (from a garden wedding expert)

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Garden and marquee weddings have always had serious appeal for couples wanting a more relaxed, personal and informal big-day – but beware! They often come with the MOST logistical hurdles, and whilst it’s all totally workable, making sure you’re armed with some know-how from a pro will work all kinds of wonders in the lead up (or, of course, just get the experts in now)

Outdoor garden wedding ceremony
Image: Stu Jotham Photography

1. Be easy to find

Outdoor weddings often take place in locations a little more off the beaten track - so make sure your suppliers know EXACTLY how to find you (map, directions and a number for on the day are all essential). Also, walk your site and identify any problem areas for access - whether it's tight turnings, low bridges or very muddy areas, so anyone bringing a larger van or truck knows what to expect!

Garden wedding sperry tent marquee
Image: Motiejus

2. One glass won't cut it

You wouldn't believe how many charms, tags, stickers, clips and pegs I've seen couples use to try and make sure they're guests keep hold of their glasses for a marquee wedding - and I'm sorry to break it to you, but they never work! You need to make sure you've got enough glassware to cater for your guests chopping and changing their drinks, losing glasses and even breaking a couple throughout the day (if you're worried about this, opt for plastic instead); chunk up your wedding into post ceremony, meal, reception and late night so you've got plenty. Basically, don't be afraid to OVER order!

Wedding bar drinks and cocktails
Image: Ellie Gillard Photography

3. Let there be LIGHT

The lighting in your marquee or sperry tent is probably sorted already, but make sure you've also got some lighting for outside of it too! Walkways between the marquee and your toilets/ guest parking / any other areas you want people to have access to need to have some lights because once the sun goes down in the countryside, it can get VERY dark! Outdoor fire-pits are always a crowd pleaser and double up as some bonus warmth if things get chilly; on that note, make sure any hazards or trip-points are also visible once evening draws in, you don't want any squiffy guests toppling into the pond...

Wedding reception fire pit
Image: Motiejus

Love, Kate x


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