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Wedding Planning

For PaRty PeoPle

WelCome to fOil

A wedding planning studio specialising in On the Day Coordination for Marquee and Dry-Hire weddings; we look after stylish couples who want a stress-free and stand-out celebration.

Also offering partial to full wedding planning, we've developed an exclusive selection of services, so we can work with you to create your dream wedding, whilst removing all of that wedding-day stress, meaning you can enjoy every second.

Whether you've just begun to explore your wedding planning or are looking for support in those final months, Foil is here to guide, create and get you ready to celebrate.

We'd love for you to hang out a little longer, so take a look around and when you're ready to party, simply drop us a line...


Want to know our secret to a perfect wedding day?


We can work with our clients from the moment they begin planning their wedding, designing totally unique events, sourcing the best in the wedding industry and helping couples manage their own planning timelines.


For those couples who want to stay in control of their wedding planning until those final few weeks, we step in when it matters most; pulling together the finishing touches, briefing the teams involved and making sure all the elements are in place to bring to life a seamless wedding celebration.⁠


And you? You're able to get busy enjoying every moment of your wedding day. Not worrying about timings, deliveries, décor, music, lighting, food service, takedowns and all the key components we use to curate an incredible experience for you and your guests.⁠..⁠


Stef + Alex-53.jpg

StEf + AlEx /// The DEpOt

"You did such a fantastic job and made everything so easy for us. We really did just enjoy the whole day so much and that was down to you taking so much off our plate."

A Fresh take on Wedding Planning

Whilst weddings have been going strong for centuries, that doesn't mean they need to be stuck in the past. For us here at Foil, we want to help couples celebrate love in whatever form it takes, in whatever way they want. 

We don't follow wedding planning traditions, and we don't expect you to either, so however you see your day shaping up, we can guarantee it'll be delivered seamlessly. We're not ones for suits and clipboards, but our combined experience of over ten years in the wedding industry sets a high standard for us to meet at every wedding we deliver; keeping you in the safest of hands without the pomp or fuss.

If you're ready to pin down your wedding planning, why not click below and we can get started...

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