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The Wedding Planner: A Millennial must-have.

Counting myself amongst 'Gen Y' (not that I think I've ever referred to myself as that until this moment), I am all too aware of what it means to be twenty/thirty something, working several jobs to make one dream come true, getting a foot on the gold-plated property ladder whilst also trying to find time to wash your hair, keep up with the Kardashians and maybe even maintain a relationship(?!). With so much on, weddings are fast needing to become two things: Super easy to put together and Super friendly to the ol' bank balance. The need of many couples to be able to afford their rent/childcare costs/ morning coffee, combined with the explosion of inspiration platforms like Pinterest means more and more are beginning to feel like a planner is a) out of their price range and b) made relatively redundant by the ease of access to tips, tricks and a million and one beautiful ideas. Granted, from where I stand the days of the full-plan are looking a little numbered; couples are far more independent and seem to know a lot more about what they want and where they can get it from, but there are still a few small but deep rabbit holes than you can fall down if you aren't used to the terrain. Enter: The Millennial Planner. A new breed of organisers who can offer fully-flexible, fully-creative and fully-fun wedding assistance for a lot less than you might think.

So what do us 'next gen' planners actually have to offer? And why do you need us when you've got bills to pay and a pretty good idea of how you want your day to go already?

1. We KNOW people

A bit Godfather-esque but the industry is kind of like The Family (but with less gun-toting and far more cake), as soon as you enter the world of it as a planner you have unlimited access to a whole host of great people: you know who has a sterling reputation, you know who's nice as pie, heck you know who's game for a dance-off at the end of the day (if that's your thing of course). So whilst many couple know WHAT they want, they can easily get led down the wrong road with WHO to get it from and HOW much is a fair price to pay .- enter the planner, the equivalent of a wedding encyclopaedia, who can source your perfect supplier (normally for an hourly fee, check out my rates here) and make sure you get an offer you can't refuse.

2. You won't get stuck with us (unless you want to!)

When you think of a planner what springs to mind? Them weeping into a tissue as you try on your dress? Coming round for Sunday lunch with your mum? Calling you at 2am to discuss centrepieces? Well, whilst I know planners definitely want their clients to have a perfect, beautiful day AND I for one would never turn down a decent roast, we are becoming increasingly happy to offer a far more hands-off approach in the run-up. More and more couples are in fact opting for On the Day Co-ordination, which is industry-speak for taking the reins a week or so before; setting up and styling the venue(s) and being there to make sure the whole wedding runs like clockwork. It's probably one of the most important reasons to hire a planner, as the last thing you want is to be taking an ice delivery in the middle of the speeches.

3. We stop mood boards getting moody

Aaaah the hours spent scrolling through wedding after glorious wedding after glorious wedding...... Kind of makes you want to just quit your job, hole yourself up for 6 months and make sure you've checked out EVERY. SINGLE. POSSIBILITY RIGHT?! Erm, don't. Having unlimited access to the global wedding scene is incredible, it encourages people to be even more adventurous with their big days (and their big budgets- more on that in a moment) and is probably the fundamental reason behind the wedding-industry becoming more fun, diverse and experimental than ever before. But approach with caution, you can indeed have too much of a good thing and a planner can help you get a lid on your overflowing pot of ideas and sift them into one, beautiful, AFFORDABLE vision. I know, I keep harping on about money - but it's pretty amazing how far £20,000 WON'T go if you aren't clued up on where to spend it, what to spend it on and how to make sure it makes a good return on quality (I'd like to add in here, you don't need that much to get married, by a long shot, but I'll tell you now those glorious, glittering Italian affairs you're drooling over online cost a darn sight more!) so a planner is an absolute god-send in navigating those visionary waters.

So there we have it, I could go on about why planners still have such a significant part to play in this modern wedding world, but it might start to look like I have an agenda *cough cough* - if you need a little more convincing, or you're sold and know you in fact need a planner right-now-before-your-head-explodes, then click here for your very own, millennial-friendly wedding planner.

Love, Kate x

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