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Help, I'm not creative! How to DIY when craft makes you cringe...

Let’s face it, for many people the thought of making a ceremony backdrop using just tissue paper and fishing wire does nothing but fill them with dread. Countless times I’ve heard people say "I wish I’d done that at my wedding, but I’m just not creative", to which I calmly reply: "WHAAAT?!"

Call me optimistic, but I genuinely believe anyone can have a DIY wedding, even if they’ve never made a bed, so I’ve got some tips to ease you in to the world of Do-It-Yourself wedding wonders, without a tissue paper backdrop in sight.

1. It’s not all glue guns and glitter.

Ok sounds simple, but what CAN you do? Call me clichéd but think outside the box a little on this one: Do you love haggling for a bargain on holiday? Are you a super-fan of a to-do list? Do you know the difference between Instagram and Pinterest!? When I DIY’ed my own wedding many moons ago, as far as 'craft experience' went I had dabbled in a bit of knitting and loved making brownies but that was about it, the most important skills for DIY-ing are actually being a little bargain-savvy, knowing what a spreadsheet is (basic form obviously!) and being game for some online inspiration sessions - aka scrolling through your feed. The glue guns come later…

2. Surround yourself with a community of crafters.

If there is one thing I learnt from DIY-ing my own wedding, it's that people LOVE to help. If Aunt Ethel is causing a bit of trouble in the run up it might actually be that she just wants to feel a little more involved - so why not task her with making something fabulous to contribute? You might just be surprised! Similarly, one of the worst misconceptions behind DIY weddings is that YOU actually have to do ALL of it yourself: but don't! In fact, why not get your bridesmaids (or other willing gal pals) round for an evening of making? You get to share your first attempts with a forgiving audience, you can stop for all-important wine breaks and you never know, you might just discover someone has the gift!

craft party hen making diy event
Get the girls (or boys) together and get making!

3. Cheating isn’t cheating

Having a DIY wedding does NOT mean you have to make everything from scratch, in fact, I’ve helped out on some fantastic DIY weddings where a lot of the items were bought in or sourced from charity shops, Ebay and even relatives attics! The important thing about a DIY wedding is that you’re the ones making all the decisions, so there really is no limit or restriction on the ‘look’ you want or the way you make it happen.

diy photo booth wedding backdrop paper fans
Car boot sales, Ebay and a trip to your nan's attic make DIY photo-booths easy peasy

4. Get inspired

Being able to ‘make stuff’ is basically what made humans stop living in caves and (some) start living in palaces, so everyone CAN do it, it’s just a lot of people don’t know HOW. The number of DIY wedding websites out there is astronomical, I have lost many a day to pouring over sites like Something Turquoise and Bespoke Bride – however if you don’t even know where to begin, or you have an idea but can’t figure out how to make it work, then Jump the Broom offers Creative Consultations for any and all DIY assistance needed – You can check out my Dedicated DIY-er package here and contact me here to find out more!

So gather lots of inspiration, gather even more helpful helpers and don’t be afraid to beg, borrow or steal (maybe not the last one) the bits you need to create the day you want. Remember : you don’t have to be crafty to get creative!

Love, Kate x

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