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Find your style! A beginner's guide to choosing your wedding scheme.

I'm not a stylist.

I don't have an art or design degree. I take little notice of fashion or design trends and I'm a fail-safe stickler for anything that's pink, shiny or in a gold frame. Yet somehow I've managed to design weddings and shoots that have brought a couple's vision to life, caused a stir on social media or been featured in some of the biggest wedding blogs around.

Why am I telling you this? Because you don't have to know EVERYTHING about styling, nor do you need to have seen every single style and type of wedding, to be able to start pulling together a wedding you'll love to look back on! Just like how you decorate your own home (and we'll come back to that later), the decor of your wedding should be wholly personal, not 'trend led', and you can find the inspiration for it in the unlikeliest of places. So I've popped together some of the techniques I use when I'm putting together a concept board either for a client or a shoot, in the hope that it gives you the confidence to pick a wedding style that suits you down to the ground.

  1. It's a vibe.

This will sound maddeningly cliche - but I always like to start with the MOOD I'm trying to create with my mood boards (the clue is in the name I think...) rather than the LOOK of them. Take the 'Electric Feels' concept above for example, I reckoned after a year of every single festival and party and celebration in the country being cancelled, people could do with a big dose of colour and sequins! I thought about the festivals I'd been to, and the incredible outfits people donned to dance the weekend away in, as well as the total sensory overload of colour, taste, smell and sound you encounter. I wanted to reflect this in the colours of the scheme and basically use a palette that stopped everyone in their tracks.

All Images Lex Fleming Photo

Sequin wedding backdrop, holographic pastels

iridescent pastel wedding stationery purple silver orange

holographic wedding cake, alternative wedding style

short bridal dress, pastel balloon backdrop

pastel table decor, alternative wedding

holographic bold flowers, alternative bridal bouquet

alternative bridal style, sequins and holographic pastels

alternative couple portraits, sequin wedding inspiration

pink sparkly boots and pastel confetti

With this in mind. Start off by sitting down with your other half and thinking about the mood you want to create for your guests; do you want it to be sleek and sophisticated? Bright and eclectic? Muted and minimalist or loud and extroverted? Looking at how YOU both see yourselves can easily answer this question, what you like to do together, what your friends are like, what a perfect evening in or out will look like and so on; give it a try and you might be surprised with the outcome!

2. Home is where the (stylish) heart is.

You can't really get a much better idea about the style of wedding you'll love than by looking at the way you've decorated your home! Interiors are by far the most personal way we express our style, so have a think about how THAT style could influence your wedding concept! With the concept below, I designed it with my business partner Lex in mind, looking to create a wintery feel without a bauble or smidge of fake snow in sight. With a home covered in posters of The Addams Family, glass skulls and inspiration for her many tattoos, Lex wanted a concept that was dark, moody and glamorous; so I lightened up burgundies, dark greens and blacks with neon oranges and bright pinks to give it a sprinkling of Lex without it feeling too much like a halloween party!

black wedding dress neon sign

black square wedding cake with flowers

black wedding dress and star crown, plus size bride

pink and red gothic florals

black and floral wedding table setting

pink floral arch, industrial lights and gothic candles

colourful confetti, black wedding dress, stylish groom

3. Look for inspo, not items.

The search term 'aesthetic', plonked on the end of whatever I have in mind on Pinterest, is probably my number-one go to if I'm feeling stuck. Rather than looking for 'Wedding Cakes' why not search for 'Mid-century aesthetic' or 'Disco aesthetic' or 'Boho aesthetic' (you get my drift..) and start building boards that go back to tip number one - the VIBE of your day. These can be so much more useful for your cake designer, or stationer or florist when putting together their own suggestions for you, plus it gives them much more creative freedom and will result in a much more original product! This is also a really handy way of choosing your suppliers - looking at their instagram feeds and websites with your concept board in mind will help you to book people with a similar style to you, ultimately making sure you get a cohesive, gorgeous and totally personal big day!

If you still need more help with your styling, don't forget I offer a 'Style it Out Session' Power-up to all of my couples, meaning we can dive in and get your. day looking F-A-B-U-LOUS.

Happy Styling!

Love, Kate x

Full credit lists for shoot suppliers below:

Electric Feels

Venue: Clapton Country Club | @claptoncountryclub

Hosted and Styled by: Fresh Meat Workshop | @fresh_meat_workshop

Styling Assistant: Michaela Green | @michaela_the_planner

Florist: Olive Owl Flowers | @oliveowlflowers

Hair and Makeup: Powder Blue Artistry | @powderblueartistry

Ceremony backdrop, balloons and Small Props: Wilderness Prop Hire | @wildernessprophire

Cake: Meera Makes | @meeramakes_weddingcakes

Bridal Dresses: Velvet Johnstone | @velvet_hearts

Sequin Kimonos: L.O.M Fashion | @l.o.m_fashion

Bridal Crown: The Lucky Sixpence | @thelucky6pence

Bridal Veil: Claude Bridal Studio | @claude_bridal_studio

Groom’s Outfit: @asos

Jewellery: Melanie Eddy | @mne_eddy

Stationery: Ink and Paper London | @inkandpaper_ldn

Models: Nina + Michael | @ninacherian

RocknRoll Romantics

Venue: Clapton Country Club | @claptoncountryclub

Hosted and Styled by: Fresh Meat Workshop | @fresh_meat_workshop

Styling Assistant: Michaela Green | @michaela_the_planner

Florist: Shilpa Reddy Flowers | @shilpareddyflowers

Hair and Makeup: Powder Blue Artistry | @powderblueartistry

Furniture and Small Props: Wilderness Prop Hire | @wildernessprophire

Cake: Meera Makes | @meeramakes_weddingcakes

Bridal Dresses: Bex Brides | @bexbrides

Bridal Crown: The Lucky Sixpence | @thelucky6pence

Groom’s outfit:

Suit: Model’s own, Hat: @lairdhatters, Rings: @sergedenimes, Tie: @shaungordontiemaker

Stationery: Peach Wolfe | @peachwolfe

Models: Ruby + Seye | @rubywalkerphoto @seyemusic

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