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Bye Bye Bunting - Five fun alternatives for decorating your venue

Couples often spend a long time agonising over the decorations for their tables; runners, flowers, napkins and so on - but how many of you have taken a moment and looked.. up? Filling the blank space that hangs above where your guests sit will not only add some serious wow-factor, but could end up saving you both time AND money - so keep those tables simple and reach for the skies...

Flower Clouds

These abstract, ethereal and dreamy bursts are a sure-fire way to add some serious luxury to your venue's ceilings; experiment with colours and textures and if you know you want to go big - get a florist on board to make sure they hit the mark.

pink flower clouds wedding style design inspo
Image: Norman and Blake

pink flower clouds wedding venue reception decor
Image: Norman and Blake

Paper Birds

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish and 1000 years of life - so this project will definitely take a little longer, but could just be worth it! Plus, even without the wish and near-immortality, they just look so. damn. good.

paper cranes origami wedding ceremony wedding planner
Image: Daffodil Waves

Petal strings, ribbons and flowers

Definitely one for the boho-carnival wedding day, these eclectic hangings could make for an epic DIY project, plus their laid-back style means there is a little more room for experimentation!

Hanging flowers wedding reception ribbon petals
Image: Jasmine Jade


Not only will this create a beautiful, french-chateau vibe, but hanging herbs above your tables will fill the room with some incredible smells (just make sure you have a chat with your caterer to make sure that it won't overpower what's on offer). To keep it even more budget-friendly, you could give the bunches away to guests when they leave, so their mid-week meals will take them right back to your day!

herbs hanging wedding reception decor styling
Image via Twig and Twine Designs

Macrame planters

Another great way to combine decor with favours, these are a gorgeous way to add some boho 70s swag to your day. If you've got plenty of time you could give making some a go- otherwise there are plenty of brilliant macrame artists in the UK who could bring this vision to life for you.

hanging plants macrame wedding reception decor styling
Image: Lara Hotz

Wedding reception macrame hangers plants decoration
Image: Lara Hotz

So there we have it! Hopefully you're feeling inspired and ready to create something awesome to adorn those ceilings - don't forget if you need more inspo, tips and advice then Jump the Broom is just a click away.

Love, Kate x


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