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Bae of the Day: Lovestruck Photo

Not all wedding photographers are created equal, and there's nothing quite like stumbling upon not one, but TWO absolute legends in the biz at an event! I met Juliet and Lai back in October at an awesome London pub celebration we worked on together, in all their tattooed and bearded (just the one) glory; they're a husband-and-wife team (check out their gorgeous wedding snap below) and take epic, fun-filled and of course, utterly loved-up pics of their couples - read on to get more of a flavour of this delicious duo...

alternative couple unique wedding tattooed bride
Juliet + Lai showing us how it's done...

Who the devil are you?

We are Love Struck Photo AKA Juliet & Laimonas (Lai for short) , a married couple from SE London

What’s your biz all about?

We are wedding photographers!

Tell us about your last event!

Our last wedding was an autumnal affair with heavenly florals, confetti canons, smoke bombs and a golden piñata of course!

How do you get in the zone when you work?

Juliet does all the editing and is music obsessed, so a solid Spotify playlist does the job or she might mix it up with some Netflix binge watching, something easy going on in the background.

trinity buoy wharf wedding candid wedding photography bride and bridesmaids

You’ve seen quite a few – so what makes a wedding EPIC?

The couple make the wedding in our experience, you can have it all but if you’re not enjoying the day then it won’t matter! We love couples that really let go on their big day, it makes taking their photos effortless. That’s not to say we don’t love all the other stuff!! Recently discovered our love for smoke bombs. Any time we can get with the couple for a portrait session in a cool place i.e graffitied streets of London is what we love the most. We also adore a destination wedding

destination wedding bride and bridesmaids summer

Finish these sentences:

A dream day off would be… Spent with our dog having brunch followed by a lovely walk in the park. We’re easily pleased as long as our dog’s involved.

During a snack attack we always reach for… A home-made charcuterie board with cheese and homemade bread & pickles. No joke.

At the bar, by us a… Cocktail! We can’t get enough of them! Espresso martini followed by anything that contains rum and/or an egg white.

Groom and groom gay wedding lgbtq lovestruck photo

We last binge-watched… The Devil next door

If we weren’t (Photographers) we’d be… Homeless? Jokes, Lai is actually a digital operator and works for loads of fashion, advertising and commercial photographers so I guess he’d be doing that, whereas I would love to be in the music industry.

We’re total babes (of course), but you don’t want to see us when… We’re hungry...

trinity buoy wharf bride and groom cool wedding lovestruck photo

The couple that NEEDS us for their big-day are…

Alternative couples! We are pretty alternative ourselves. Juliet has the most random tattoos and Lai sports a strong beard. We’d love a tattooed couple, anti wedding folk throwing the most unconventional wedding with zero f*cks given! We love to see something different. Of course we love all weddings, we shoot them for a living so we kind of can’t not love them. But we’re all about something original and fresh! We love London weddings but we also cannot get enough of those destination weddings. We're yet to shoot a bride in Dr. Martens!

trinity buoy wharf wedding fun group shot

See what I mean? Totally delicious... For more photos to sink your teeth into AND to get in touch with Lovestruck photo simply click here!

Love, Kate x

All Images: Lovestruck Wedding Photography

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